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Our agency's name pays homage to the ingenuity of Dr. Ariff Ahmad, a distinguished figure in the Malaysian arts, music and culture scene. Ariff, a Universiti Malaya and Harvard alumni, left an indelible mark as an artist, songwriter, and associate professor at Universiti Malaya, and various public and private universities. 

He played a pivotal role in reviving and elevating traditional Malay music like Gamelan and Keroncong through his research, recordings and many compositions, as well as contributing his talents to the success of artists like the late Dato’ SM Salim & many others. His passion for Malay traditional music led him to spend decades in transferring this knowledge to Malaysia’s young generation.

Ariff Communications emerged from a rich heritage of music, arts, and culture, and it initially specialised in working with pioneering brands in the arts and culture sector. 

However, destiny intervened, leading our agency to embrace a diverse array of brands spanning various genres (Technology, Automotive, Consumer Goods and Retail, Finance and Banking). 

Today, Ariff Communications is dedicated to helping brands, regardless of their background, navigate the complex world of media and rise above the noise.

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