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Applying Website Analytics For Your Brand — Capturing and Converting Data to Boost Your Sales

They say data is the new oil. Why? From tackling pandemics to making informed decisions, governments, organisations, businesses, brands in this day and age will not thrive without data. The real challenge however, is analysing data correctly and converting them to actionable data. 


If numbers aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered. Website analytics is a powerful tool for helping you figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next. 


Data and analytics don't have to be scary, in fact we’ll need it to turn all those numbers and reports into actions to grow your business. 


And the way to get started has nothing to do with numbers. It’s simply about answering the right questions:


  • What type of visitors are failing to convert?

  • Are we producing content our audience wants?

  • Which pages can produce more leads and sales? 

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not in e-commerce, any 


More importantly, by identifying what type of content our audience is looking at, we can tailor our PR materials/content marketing/digitals in line with your audience. 

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What To Expect From A Website Analytics-focused PR Agency

The challenge most people struggle with is how to turn numbers into meaningful decisions. Numbers in and of themselves are meaningless. 


We rely on data to help you make business decisions that are guaranteed to work. Our belief is that instincts may be good but data never lies. 


Our methods of a well executed analytics and data strategy: 


  • Categorising data and giving data a job 

  • Using Metrics to solve problems - Once data is collected on a dashboard, its raw data, our job will turn raw data into active data. We’ll review the data and start asking questions about it. We’ll make a hypothesis and use testing to turn the questions into strategies

  • Contextualising data to account for the unmeasurable -  For the things that are hard to measure, give them context!

  • Make data actionable - learn to make those insights into actions that will lead to results

Our services: 
  • Gathering, vetting and interpreting data and analytics

  • Aggregating all available information and turning it into a dashboard

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) 

  • Preparing reports with actionable insights

  • Bonus: Making data into newsworthy stories!

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